Case Study


First commercial job

In 2013 The Miami International Airport  Hotel was doing a total remodel of their outdated  hotel lobby with Crossville porcelain panels Laminam. Several Flooring tile installer companies had been reached out but none had ever worked with thin LAMINAM panels.  As an attempt to find  a qualified contractor for the job, Alberto Calderin, former project manager on site, called  D&B Tile and Crossville inc for help with an installer. Both companies recommended him to get  in contact with THE MIAMI FLOORS, BATH & VENNERS

At the time our company had only  done one  residential LAMINAM job and had been at Crossville  LAMINAM seminar;  but  to us this was our first commercial LAMINAM  installation and we had been recommended by D&B Tile and Crossville itself..therefore  FAILEUR WAS NOT AN OPTION

Due to the extra needed handling care required for the LAMINAM installation and the high airport traffic, it was decided that approaching  the installation over night was the best to maximize results and quality. It was a very technical installation and very high end setting materials were used, like Latapoxy 300 which was crucial for the installation of LAMINAM over two metal doors while the product working time was quite short.

The installation was a total success, There are  even rumors that the Miami Herald wrote an article about it. But even if it didn't the proof a beautiful optimal installation seats still at the lobby of the Miami international airport  hotel.




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