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Whether you're looking for Marble, Porcelain  or a Ceramic tile installation, choosing the right contractor is the first step for the desired results

As a local Flooring Tile contractor Company we understand the needs of our clients.First, we'll help you choose the type of floor to best fit your interior. Then we'll seamlessly install your new flooring quickly and efficiently, all the while paying attention to detail and upholding the standard of quality you've come to expect from us.


Marble or Stone  flooring adds an exquisite, classic look to any room in your home or office.Properly installed are incredibly durable, and will add value to your place. Marble or Stone flooring makes a statement like no other.


Our talented, experienced contractors will work to evaluate your current space and come up with creative ways to maximize it, using only  high-quality products that work well and look great, all the while sticking to your established budget


Qualified as one of the most durable and and low maintenance floor coverings, porcelain and ceramics floors are a great candidate for modern, clean attractive looks.

We install all type of  tiles

  • WoodLook
  • Porcelain
  • Keystone
  • Marble
  • Ceramic
  • Travertine
  • Large format tile
  • Slate
  • Laminam
  • Glass
  • Coral

Easy steps

How to Properly install tile


  1. Buy or rent all the necessary tools
    Measuring tape, Construction pencil, mixing drill, Mixing blade, Tile cutter ,Buckets, Trowel,  Spacers, Sponge, Grout float, 4 feet Level, Square
  2. Measure your space
    Multiply length by wigh to obtain your square footage
  3. Calculate your tile and setting material
    Share your measurement with your local tile store , they'll help you calculate you tile waste and setting materials
  4. Remove your existing flooring 
    Rent the desired tool for your floor removal
  5. Prepare your substrate
    Inspect for flatness on your substrate, make sure floor does not vary more than ⅛ in 10 feet
  6. Set your layout
    Measure your area along with your tile to make sure you end up with the desired cuts at the edges
  7. Mix your first bucket of thinset
    Read Manufacturer's instructions to mix product to correct proportion of water and time
  8. Start setting tile
    Spread your thinset consistently in one direction , avoiding voids, back butter tile for better bonding, apply equal pressure on your tile and slide back and forward transversal  your trowel ridges  to make them collapse, make sure to use spacers as specified by manufacturer
  9. Repeat step 8 until job is complete
  10. Clean
    Remove all the spacers and debris from tile surface  with clean water
  11. Prepare grout, apply it  by small areas, wipe off excess with clean sponge. Do not over water grout, wait 2 hour to clean it again, use high erformance grout for long lasting
  12. Enjoy your installation

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